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About & Bio

European Born, Kirk Phylles has been in the Metaphysical and the Spiritual healing arena for the past 18 years.

Kirk has helped thousands of people to understand their role, purpose, limitations and personal Blue Print, His clients are from Europe, USA, South America and all over the World.

Kirk's Matrix Healing Sessions include Soul retrieval, Spirit reconnection, Genetic and Timeline disconnection. He has Developed his own set of tools, and is able to reconnect people with their Physical, Mental, Emotional and Soul Axis.

Kirk's unique method of energy work goes deep within the multi layers of reality and enables you to retrieve your essence, experience your true Nature & detach from your old lifestyle paradigm. This process of integration takes a couple of sessions versus years of psychology.

If you are stuck in the crossroads of life and would like to the reach the next level, Kirk can help you with the important topics of Karma, Traumas and Genetics.


Choose your Matrix Energetic Session

Your Detox Vacation

Do you have a lack of energy? Depressed? Exhausted? It is probably time to disconnect from work, city and family to come and experience 7 days of complete detox.

We will reset You back to Life in Paradise:

White Sand, Blue Water, Master Healing, Massages, Acupuncture, Meditation and much more.

Ready for your detox?
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Here are the most frequent questions being asked about the Matrix Sessions:

How does the session work?
First a brief Soul and Spiritual reading will be done. Once you understand your situation's dynamics and your Personal Blue Print, an Energetic adjustment will be given to allow a shift in consciousness and a release of the muscle memories and energies around you.
Do I have to do any special preparation?
Prepare yourself on all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual...) and be truthful with yourself.
Be ready to be challenged! If you have questions please write them in advance.
Why do I feel like I am being blocked from moving forward in Life?
That's the result of traumas and situations that you were not able to deal with in real time. All of that information is waiting to be processed. Together we will be able to help unlock you from fears that are freezing you from moving forward.
Sometimes I feel bad after the session, why is that happening?
That's the body saying "let's move the blocked emotion or energies".
You are moving forward, assist your body, mind and Spirit as your inner hardware and software are getting adjusted and updated!
Meditation Video

Put yourself in a comfortable sitting position, be sure no one will disturb you for the next hour, Dim the lights, light a candle, breathe deeply and then just press play.


Kirk Phylles
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Sessions available exclusively in Mexico city.

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